WIC Cares

Women in Communications Cares

Women in Communications Cares (WICC), is a career opportunity exchange program, launched by AWCNJ in 2001. A WICC segment at each meeting offers job-seekers, and those offering positions, to introduce themselves to the group and discuss positions sought and opportunities.

Developed by AWCNJ former chapter president, Andy Korn-Hauschild, this special program was created for professional women to help each other in an open and structured networking forum.

“I am confident that numerous friendships and strong professional relationships have evolved as a result of the dynamic of group intimacy that develops from giving individuals ‘the floor’ and allowing their personalities to shine through,” Andy has said about the program she developed for AWCNJ.

The WICC segment has enabled numerous meeting attendees to obtain full-time positions, freelance work and other business opportunities. Success stories are often reported at meetings.

The WICC program was recognized this year (2007) when Andy received The Association for Women in Communications’ Star Award at the annual national convention. The award recognizes outstanding members of local chapters who have voluntarily gone above and beyond in their participation and service to their chapter. These members not only help the local chapter internally, but also increase the visibility of the chapter in the greater community.

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